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Medical Social Workers

Medical Social Workers (MSW) support patients and residents in the process of adjusting to illness and disability with all the social, emotional and practical implications this entails. The MSW links in with the public, community and voluntary services to maximise patient independence and quality of life by identifying appropriate support services and completing referrals for same. The MSW works with the multidisciplinary team on many issues, including dignity and respect, particularly patient’s autonomy and confidentiality, equality and inclusion, and safeguarding from abuse.

For further information, contact Aoife O’Neill, Principal Medical Social Worker on 01 4066 657 or [email protected]


The Psychology Department provides a clinical psychology service to patients, families and carers during admission to the hospital. Services provided include assessment, intervention, consultation and education in order to address psychological difficulties arising from neurological and physical illness and injury, and to facilitate adjustment to resulting changes in ability, relationships and identity.

For further information, contact Dr. Anya Murphy on [email protected] or 01 4066 770