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Physiotherapy helps to restore movement and function when someone is affected by illness or disability. At the core is the patient involvement in their own care, through education awareness, empowerment and participation in their treatment. It also takes a “whole person” or holistic approach to health and well-being which includes the patient’s general lifestyle.

Patients who are admitted for rehabilitation require intensive physiotherapy so that they can regain their mobility and return home.

Physiotherapy is delivered to patients in a setting suitable to the patients’ needs and ability. The hospital has dedicated rehabilitation gyms, in the physiotherapy department, near wards and in the Day Hospital.

For further information, contact Elaine Ross, Physiotherapy Manager on 01 4066 793 or [email protected]

Nutrition & Dietetics

The role of the dietitian in the hospital is to provide nutritional care to patients who are referred to the department from the various services across the hospital.  Compromised nutrition in a hospital setting can lead to slow healing and recovery and may extend hospital stays.  The dietitian completes patient nutrition assessments on an individual basis based on clinical priority.  Diet sheets are developed based on clinical guidelines and used as a resource to educate patients and families.

The goals of rehabilitation are to reach and maintain the highest possible level of function and quality of life and to prevent secondary complications.  Nutrition has a strong role to play in achieving these goals, e.g. if a patient is meeting their full nutrition and hydration requirements, they are able to obtain the maximum benefit from their rehabilitation programme.

For further information, contact Zoe McDonald, Senior Dietitian, at 01 4066 694.

The Royal Hospital Donnybrook – A Teaching Hospital

The Physiotherapy Department is a teaching site for Trinity College Dublin offering physiotherapy student placements at the hospital.

Students from the Masters Dietetics course in University College Dublin are facilitated at the hospital.