RHD Visiting and the New Year period

There are currently restrictions on visiting due to an outbreak of Covid and the presence of other respiratory disease ('flu)

  • Only one visitor per day, per resident/patient in all wards
  • Please: Do not visit the hospital if you have symptoms of any infectious conditions (flu, cold, Covid-19 etc.). 
  • Please comply with all instructions given by staff in respect of using PPE
  • Do not visit multiple wards or units.  Go straight to the ward and depart directly when your visit has finished
  • Surgical face masks must be worn at all times while walking around inside the hospital building. 
  • As always, it is entirely up to the individual patient/resdient concerned whether to accept visitors or not. 

Please note that the Hospital will continue to follow Public Health Guidance, which may results to changes to the above arrangments with no notice.

New Year outings: 

We would prefer that patients/residents in wards that are experiencing outbreaks stay on site.  We do not wish to inadvertently spread disease out to the community, nor have someone bring back more infection when returning to the hospital.  A negative antigen does not always mean that a person is clear - they may be developing an infection.   

However, if a patient/resident has no symptoms and/or is Covid-recovered, then going out is entirely their choice.  We will absolutely respect whatever choice is made but Patients/residents need to advise the ward of their intended return date/time before returning to the hospital.

Visiting on the Grounds:

We are very happy for extended family visits to take place outside in our grounds, weather permitting.   A single visitor may to go a ward to collect the patient/resident and take them outside to meet with family.   Apply sensible precautions when gathering in groups. 

Masks should be worn when moving around inside the building 

Please bear in mind that there could be reduced staffing levels due to a range of factors - it may take some time to get the resident/patient ready for a visit. 

Window visiting

Subject to staffing availability,  'window visiting' is always an option.   The single visitor may take the resident/patient to see visitors who are on the other side of a window.   All those inside the building should wear masks.