RHD January 21 Covid-19 Outbreak Now Over

Update March 10th 2021

We are delighted to report that Public Health have now certified our outbreak as being closed.  The vast majority of patients, residents and staff have made a full recovery, but as reported in the media, we did have five deaths during this outbreak.  These individuals were cared for here on site and in all cases we were able to offer compassionate visits.  We extend our sympathy to all those impacted. 

Admissions have recommenced, but are subject to strict infection control measures, as per national HPSC guidance.  Although the vast majority of patients, residents and staff have been fully vaccinated, the risk of infection remains and on-going precautions are still essential. 

Visiting remains highly restricted and is limited to critical and compassionate grounds only. Where possible, we are facilitating doorway 'bubble visits', where a visitor and patient/resident are sheltered but are physically separated by a perspex screen, fitted with a two way intercom.  This is by appointment only, made through our visiting coordinator in consultation with ward staff. 

Our grounds remain closed for casual access and we cannot accommodate unscheduled 'window' visiting of any type.