RHD Visiting from November 15th 2021

Update November 15th:

Checkin for visiting is between 14:00 and 16:00, 7 days a week. 

  • All visitors will be required to check in at reception and undergo the standard health checks
  • All visitors must produce their COVID-19 certificate at check in. 
  • Please: Do not visit the hospital if you have symptoms of any infectious disease. 
  • A maximum of two visitors for each patient/resident may enter the building. (A child may attend with two adults). 
  • More visitors can be there if the visit is conducted outdoors - but only two people can come in at a time.
  • When going to a ward, only go to the bay or area that the patient/resident is in.
  • Visitors are asked to move off wards, to any of the common areas, including the coffee shop.  
  • Visits outside of the 'open' hours are possible, but only by arrangement with the Clnical Nurse Manager (CNM) in charge

As always, it is entirely up to the individual patient/resdient concerned whether to accept visitors or not. 

Please note that the Hospital will continue to follow Public Health Guidance, which may results to changes to the above arrangments with no notice.